How i met your mother: a lot of fun!

How I Met Your Mother takes the audience on a bit of a backwards journey down memory lane. The premise has the narrator (Ted) telling his two children the [url=]story of how he met their [url=]mother. Along the way we meet Lilly and Marshall (known to each other by the sickeningly sweet nicknames Marshmellow and Lillypad) who are a funny, picture perfect cute couple (well…they are now, anyway,…

I think the casting in how I met your mother was outstanding. Neil Patrick Harris shines as Barney, and Alyson Hannigan puts forth a brilliant performance each episode as Lilly. The character of Ted is a good fit for Josh Radnor (who we have thus far only seen in small bit parts in various films. Jason Segal and Cobie Smulders round out the cast nicely as Marshall and Robin. (and if you think you might recognize the voice of the “older Ted Mosbey” during the narrating portion of the show…it’s probably because you do. The narrator is actually Bob Saget).

Bottom line, this is a great show. I’m going out on a limb here (a very high, terrifying limb) but I think this [url=]show has the potential to at least partially fill the shoes of [url=]shows like “[url=]Friends” and "[url=]Everybody Loves Raymond ", as far as filling the half-hour comedy sitcom void is concerned. Give it a try, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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