How in the world?!?!

i was looking at last weeks SOTW, blackpulp, and was wondering if anyone out there knew how on earth they got the swf file to resize itself in the window? if anyone has an idea or a link it would be greatly appreciated.

they just set it’s width and height to 100% if I remember correctly, then probably defined the location of stuff in terms of stage.width and stage.height minus or plus whatever they needed :wink:

ah… i see, i never thought about that… i never would have thought about that, thanks!

when you said, “stage.width and stage.height minus or plus,” is ‘stage’ a variable you set… because i don’t see it anywhere in the flash index… could you give an example of what the code would look like?

it’s a global variable to flash, just use it like this:


and it’ll be the same width as the entire stage :wink:

that can be tricked tho… like if you are trying to position something in the middle of the window, you would use this: box._x = )Stage.width/2)-box._width;. but, when you go to preview it, it’s way over to the right, until you make the movie it’s normal size (not 100%). So that makes me wonder if it would be in the center if you published the html to be 100%x100%.

…just some thoughts.


I’ve had the same problem, but when I go to the browser it’s all happy and fine :wink:

i see, i’ll give it a try and let everyone know…

ok so i understand how to make something the whole width of the stage, but… how do i make the stage 100% wide??

in the html ;)… look for a width, and change it to 100% and same goes for height

or in export settings set the width