How link RSS feeds to pages in an all-Flash site?

I have built a site entirely of Flash. The header and drop down menus are in the index.html/.swf “shell” and everything else is loaded in as .swfs in the area below.

I’m just getting my feet wet in RSS Feeds and can get them to work in my traditional, html-based sites. But I am having trouble envisioning how they would work in my all-Flash site.

If I change a .swf page and want subscribers to check out this update, how do I link so that both the new version of the page and the index.html/.swf “shell” both appear? (Workarounds totally bypassing direct solution would be OK, if necessary!)

I tried googling the 'net for a tutorial but kept getting hits on how to make RSS readers in Flash.

If you know of a tutorial or a page of tips and tricks, that would be great!