How many lines can I load into a text field?

Hy, guys!

Well… I did a text field and I need to load into this a text. The problem is: Why Flash load just a part of my text and not the entire text?

That is not too big… just one page A4 using Arial font, size 12…

Is it too muck to a dinamic text?

My code:

//---------<Codes para ler TXT Dinâmico>--------------\
//carregando as variáveis:
var newsTxt:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
// event handler:
newsTxt.onLoad = function(success) {
if (true) {
c_txt.text =;
} else {
trace(“Ooooopsss. Não foi possível ler os dados”);
//------------</Codes para ler TXT Dinâmico>-----------\

I think if the problem is in AS, or the text loads or not. Why some lines yes and other ones no? :h: :m:


Thank you, guys!!