How many people are at work?

Out of curiousity, how many people are seeing this thread from work or visit Kirupa religiously from work?

-raises hand-

raises both hands

I’m here at least an hour a day :slight_smile:

me…never!!! haha jk

Absolutely. :slight_smile:

well, since I work from home, technically, I guess I surf here from work…

although when I am actually working, I usually try to stay away for a few hours at a time…



i’m at work most of the time i post on the boards.

I only post and hang out here when im at work.

When im not at work im out doing stuff.

i dont remember

I’m with Rev.

I sort of work from home, or starbucks or where-ever.

So yes I tend to be on here too much. I’m so glad there is no boss peeking over my shoulder… where there is the coffee maker person… stop looking at me…

I’m the same as fester, I dont really show up here unless I am at work or need some help. I might be here for an hour or so on the weekend so that when I come back on Monday there isnt 400 posts to sift through :slight_smile: but other than that, I’m here 9-5 est. pretty much every day

I’m the same as you. Here every day at work just about all day but not at home.

haha, i used to be at work. now that school is coming up, i’m out.


I read the forums from work. =)


My boss wants kirupa to go halves with him on my pay… I told him he owes kirupa for all the training i don’t recieve at work.

If i’m posting i’m at work.

I work in a restaurant so no :sure:

  • Soul :s:

I admit, I show up from time to time at work… Don’t tell the boss!