How much would this cost? PHP + MYSQL + FLASH Search comparison

Hey All,

I want to know how much I would be looking at to get this project accomplished. Details are below.

I need a search comparison tool that will allow me to enter company details, and allow the user to search and find the cheapest price.


Me (as admin) adds a category called garden tools. I enter four company names, a tool for each company and a price for each tool in an admin panel. In the front end a tick box with the text ‘Garden tools’ appears, a user ticks the box for ‘Garden tools’ and presses a button called ‘Find Best Price’. The script does some fancy preloading and finds the cheapest price and presents it to the user. The only thing that is presented to the user is the price and a randomly generated reference code (because i dont want to give away the company name). It then presents the user with a screen with the option to leave their details so i can contact them back. If they choose to leave there details it adds it the admin panel and sends me an email.

Now thats just for one category, this script needs to cater for unlimited categories, e.g. I could add another category called ‘Washing Machines’ and repeat the above process.

Although i’ve written alot, I don’t think it’s majorly complicated and am looking for a fair quote.