How Prince of Persia defeated Apple II's memory limitations

Great video !

The War Stories videos are pretty good. I saw one not too long ago about Crash Bandicoot and “hacking” the playstation and that was pretty interesting too.

I saw that one come up recently but haven’t watched it yet, will do.

The prince of Persia creators story sounded so much like a modern indie game developer, but 30 years ago.

Yeah, and that dude made a #1 game while still in college. That’s pretty impressive.

Nowadays I think its both easier and harder to do something like that. I think its easier because there’s more tools (and memory) out there that makes it easier to make, but there’s also a lot more competition and a lot more people with the potential to be better with those tools than you are. The ceiling is far higher. Nevertheless you still have indie success stories like with Stardew Valley. One concerned ape and nothing spectacular technologically, and yet it still managed to sell over 10 million copies.


Just watched the crash bandicoot story, it was excellent. I’ve actually never played that game.

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This was another video I was trying to think of for my first post and I just stumbled on it this morning. This is about memory saving techniques for an NES game which shows some smart things they did around tiling as well as an interesting look into just what the NES provides as far as resources and why some sprites in games flicker (which I’ve always hated): How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes (12:04)