How the alert dialog looks in various browsers!

As part of updating some screenshots for the second edition of my JavaScript book, I was trying to capture a screenshot of the browser alert dialogs. What I saw in Chrome looked a bit odd, so I decided to see what these dialogs look like across other browsers. For kicks, I figured I would share my findings with all of you.

Here is Safari:






Of all these, the Safari one easily looks the best for me. The Chromium-based browsers (Edge, Brave, Vivaldi) unsurprisingly look similar. If somebody wants to expand upon this with screenshots from Internet Explorer, Edge on Windows, mobile browsers, etc., feel free to add on to this list :slight_smile:


Internet Explorer

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One thing to note about IE (and I don’t think this is the case anymore with other browsers) is that it is using an OS-level window for its alert box that can be moved around independently of the browser window.

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I get the same view that you’ve gotten on Chrome on Windows 10 except for the color since I use a white screen. Firefox and Firefox Developer’s edition show the same for me on Windows. The Opera screen shot is also on Windows.

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Thanks @senocular and @REB_412 :stuck_out_tongue:

Chrome on iOS (iPhone XS)

Safari on iOS (iPhone XS)