How the heck?

Is there a simple way to create a variable that contains the date & time such as:

October 23, 2002 4:45 pm

MX or 5.0?

I don’t think that there is a simple way… but we could certainly provide the code, which in itself would be simple to just paste into your project. Which version of Flash are you using?

Hey david… I know it works for time, not sure about date but…

It works in both if you create the textbox and load the variables in through AS.

It works on the clock I did.

Flash MX

I know with PHP script it appears naturally as a Unix based time.
But I would much rather run it through Flash


BTW David
how is the Swift 3D coming along? Have you got v3 yet?

Hey Allen, are you the 3DSMax wiz or am I mistaken??:q:

Well, I have been using it since V2.0 :wink:
What are you looking for?

Looking for a way to model a robot. :beam:

I have no idea how much work it would represent…

Have you a sketch of this robot?
How bout animation? or at least seperate body parts to animate?
Just let me know - I can probly help!

Well, I thought about it when I saw this: then go to “Le Labo” (first button) and then ZE AUTOPSY (top left). Something like that, more or less. What do you think?

ya thats pretty cool!
I can do that, just get me some sketches of what you want your bot to look like and I will put him together.
I am assuming from the link you sent you want a nice still rendering?
Anyway let me know i would be more than happy to help out!

haven’t gotten V3 yet Allen. I just picked up a bunch of hardware and that’s probebly all of my money for a while. :frowning:

maybe in a few months… still trying to find a way to pay for MX right now. lol

Wow thanks Allen! The thing is: my exams are coming next week, and then I’ll take a loooooooong vacation, so I’ll do the sketches and I send you everything when I’m done (not before a month or so). Sounds good?

pom :slight_smile:

Great! Just let me know!