How to acess database from asp file

I have one site (not done by me) in asp.
I have never worked with asp, only with php and i’m lost.
This site has some kind of database that host recipes (thats the content of the site), and also host new users of a newsletter.
The person that want me to do some changes to this site gave me acess to a ftp, i downloaded everything and nothing else.
No i have no clue how can i acess the databases or whatever.
I have been checking the files with hope to have some clues but no luck.
I’ll post a bit of code here, hope someone can explain me how this databases works.
Thanks in advance.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
Dim rs, szKey, szBodyColor, szBorderColor, szTitulo, szReceita, szTextoReceita, szTextoIngredientes, _
  szMolho, szTipoMolho, img1, img2  
szKey = Session("KeyReceita") 
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 
rs.Open "SELECT * FROM [Receitas] WHERE [RecID] = " & szKey, "DSN=db001;", 0, 1 
szBodyColor = "#ffffff"
szBorderColor = "#B7D782"
szFontColor = "#474747"
If request("tipo") = "frescos" Then
  'szTitulo = "Receitas de Massas Frescas: "
  szTitulo = "<img src='produtos/frescos/images/titulo.gif' border=0>"
ElseIf request("tipo") = "massas" Then
  szTitulo = "<img src='produtos/massas/images/titulo.gif' border=0>"
ElseIf request("tipo") = "farinhas" Then
szTitulo = "<img src='produtos/farinhas/images/titulo.gif' border=0>"
ElseIf request("tipo") = "molhos_frescos" Then
szTitulo = "<img src='produtos/molhos_frescos/images/titulo.gif' border=0>"
ElseIf request("tipo") = "molhos_conserva" Then
szTitulo = "<img src='produtos/molhos_conserva/images/titulo.gif' border=0>"
ElseIf request("tipo") = "dia" Then
szTitulo = "<img src='images/receitadia.gif' border=0>"
  szTitulo = "Receitas de " & rs("Directorio") & ": "
End If
szReceita = rs("TituloReceita")
szTextoReceita =  Replace(Replace(rs("TextoReceita"),chr(13) & chr(10),"<br>"), vbnewline, "<br>")
szTextoIngredientes = Replace(Replace(rs("IngredientesReceita"),chr(13) & chr(10),"<br>"), vbNewline, "<br>")
szMolho = rs("Molho")
szTipoMolho = rs("TipoMolho")