How to add description tag

I have an xml file that loads the pictures, but I want to add a description tag for each picture. Below is the xml file for this. Can anyone help me add a description tag that would work?

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>

  **    Please read this information to learn how to add more galleries to your website.
  **    Here are all the galleries that you can use for the website pages. Each gallery has 
  **    an index or ID. With the help of index the gallery can be connected with the definite 
  **    website page with gallery type. Also this page must have galleryID which should be equal
  **    to the gallery index in this file.
  **    Each gallery consists of the list of images. Each image has and url parameter and also 
  **    width and height parameters that define dimensions of the box for the image.
  **    It is recommended to use an XML editor to make changes to this file because it’s less 
  **    possible to make an error in the markup which can cause a not working website.
  **    The recommended size for image_icon=333x333 px.
    &lt;gallery id="1" name="nature"&gt;

<image image_icon=“22598_nature_icon_15.jpg” image=“22598_nature_b_15.jpg”/>

    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_14.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_14.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_13.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_13.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_12.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_12.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_11.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_11.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_10.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_10.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_1.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_1.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_2.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_2.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_3.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_3.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_4.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_4.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_5.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_5.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_6.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_6.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_7.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_7.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_8.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_8.jpg"/&gt;
    &lt;image image_icon="22598_nature_icon_9.jpg" image="22598_nature_b_9.jpg"/&gt;