How to add music?

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Browse the tutorials on this site with the keyword sound, you should find something.

pom 0]

ain’t finding it! Not in this site… Gimme a link out of it if u can…

Have you tried or

you must not have been lookin too hard

:mad: Thanks Jubba

Thx Jubba! :smiley: (I don’t use Serach… for that u can shoot me in the head) Passes Jubba a 9mm Handgun, and kneels Go ahead :wink:

Thakns again

puts down 9mm, takes a step back, pulls out bazooka, and blasts the @#%$ outta Shak

HA! Bet u didn’t know i had one of these!! Turns if on before he shoots smokes clears HAHAHAHHA I AM ALIVE!!! Takes out a Gun A shoots all rounds at Jubba’s Head! Feel my Power!

btw… I will get to the point… It ain’t working… no the tutourials work it has nothing that tells about Flash 5 Sound basic ( I don’t know much about how to use the library and i know how to add it to time line but i don’t know how to make a layer that is filled with sound… thats because i don’t know how to add the music to library as a symbol… Help? :frowning: )