How to always center flash movie in browserwindow?


First of all i wanna say this site has been a great help so far on some technical issues in flash MX. Thx!
Still i can’t seem to find the answer to this little problem: I’ve made a website in flash MX, so i’ve used the publish option in flash but when i open the .html doc in my browser my flash movie is aligned on the left side of my browserwindow, it’s not centered. I made my movie on 1024x768 pixels, there’s no background, only white. My screen resolution is 1280x1024 pixels. So my question is; if there’s a way to always keep my movie centered when its viewed on any type of screen or resolution. I know its something to do with the html code but i’m not so familiar with html. Anybody can help me with this. I would be very grateful.