How to be Popular

These Pop-up’s are giving me a headache.

I have followed the kirupa tutorial to the letter and now have the updates popping into my portfolios section…

so far, so groovy -

Thing is, now I need to upload jpegs and I’ve no idea how. I am aware that this is probably simply a result of my having no grasp of Dreamweaver whatsoever, but the problem is beginning to get really bad.

I imagine my inability to put the swf sound files I want to play up also stems from the same prob.

So what am I doing wrong?

step by step now - I go into dreamweaver - site - urbanscrawl and click ‘put’ on the swf I want up. It goes up…

How do I put a larger file up that has other goodies in it and the swf for the site…? I have my hair in my hands.

(as opposed to hairy hands)

i haven’t done that tut. If you give me a link I can check it out and get back to you with a solution.

PS any luck making a scroll box FLA for me to see. I had some problems with just that straight code you sent me.:slight_smile:

will get right on it

Hey no worrys. And if you post the link to that tut I’ll get right on your problem.

*Originally posted by urbanscrawl *
Thing is, now I need to upload jpegs and I’ve no idea how.

How do I put a larger file up that has other goodies in it and the swf for the site…? **

Download CuteFTP or other similiar FTP program. Put in your site info as required in the setup phase of installation, blah blah. Then just drag and drop. Make sure you put it in the right directory, or make a new directory and change your URLs accordingly.

For example, if you put up a jpg in your WYSIWYG editor…then just upload that new HTML file and the JPG file using CuteFTP.

Here’s a detailed walk-through of CuteFTP…though I think you can handle it :slight_smile:

A: Site Label…what you put here is what it will be called on the left.

B: FTP Address…usually or

C: User Name…put the username for wherever you’re uploading to.

D: Password…put the password for wherever you’re uploading to.

E: What port CuteFTP will connect to…leave it as is.

F: Login Type…leave it as is.

G: This is where all the sites you want to upload to will be listed.

You should see something similiar to this when you log in. As you can see, the files stored on your PC are on the left; the files you have uploaded are on the right.

Let’s say you want to upload “Intro.fla” in order for it to be on your webpage. Simply click and drag it from your PC files on the left to the webspace on the right.

After a few seconds or so, the files on the right should refresh themselves and the file you uploaded (in this case “Intro.fla”) is now on the web! The URL will be,if any/“Intro.fla”

To make a new directory, re-name a file, delete a file, etc., do as you normally would in windows.

Hope that helps. And if I misunderstood what you were asking for, oh well…was bored anyways :smirk:

Wow goldmonkee. Thats a lot of work for a post. I guess that is easier than a step by step though. Nice Work.:slight_smile:

clapping hands Give us some more!! Encore!!

My God.

What can I say??

That, ladies and gentlemen, is certainly one way of becoming popular.

Thank you Monkee - Kirupa, is that not worthy of ‘best of’ space?

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