How to block htmlText css a:hover behaviour

I have a couple of textfields with html/css formatting on them.
Above these I want to show a popup with semitransparent cover background.

Since the background is mouseEnabled all clicks are catched and blocked from the application below. The links do nothing when clicked. So far so good.

But the a:hover on the links in the textfields still get the mouseover “events”.
Which makes them change color on hover, which makes you belive you can click them.

I know the css behavior is separated from normal events but it seems really stupid if you don’t have any way to control them.:nose:

Is there a way to block the hover behaviour other than resetting the css for all the textfields?
That would be a very hacky solution and is very cumbersome since you then have to reset the css a:hover behaviour to all the textfields when the popup is closed.

Thanks in advance!