How to browse a disk folder to get all the files names?

I’d like to get all the file names of files in a subfolder of myflash.exe projector file (and dipaly these names in a dynamic text field).

Is there a way to browse a folder to get files names (working on PC and Mac) ?


Avec PHP, mon Philou, avec PHP. The question is: does your host support PHP?

pom :asian:

Hye Pom,

My app is not running on a server.

I’m talking of a standalone .exe (with projector/flash 6 embeded) running on a client PC or Mac.

My exe has to look at .swf files in a subfolder to list their names to the user. The user clicks to select and the .swf plays in a level…

The number of swf files may vary depending on how much files the user put in the folder (after a download by example).

Hope it’s clearer.