How to close projector window (Clueless newbie alert)

Hi everyone,

I’m new here but hopefully I will become a regular.

I’ve been tearing my hair out with what is probably a really SIMPLE problem, but the thing is I have only been using Flash since 2 months ago so I am a clueless newbie.

I’ve made a splash screen for a CD. When the user clicks a button it launches an external executable to install something. This is a HUGE file so the gap between clicking the button and it appearing on screen is quite big.

In the meantime I make the text on the button change to “Loading, please wait” but then I need the projector to wait 20 seconds and then quit to desktop.

I’ve managed to get everything working except for the part where it quits to desktop! What is the single command to make the projector quit when the timeline runs over it? (Not by pressing a button, I know how to do that)

THANK YOU THANK YOU whoever saves me!



Thanks grimdeath but that was the first thing I tried and it doesn’t work. Do I have to type it in “as is” or do I need any further arguments around it?

Please remember I am really really new at this.

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:

You might be exporting your movie without fscommands enabled, check your publish movie settings, and make sure the box with fscommands is checked…