How to combine all swf files into mainpage?

I’m building my website with flash, I would like to know how divide my pages to swf files, then I just click a button in main menu to load them to mainpage. If I just use 1 swf for my whole website, it would be hugeeee, and take a long time to preload it. I want to break it apart.

For example, in my main page I would have a main menu it said “Home, About Me, Music, Photo Album …” Let’s say my main page is about 24kB, my Home.swf is about 30KB, aboutme.swf is 12KB, music.swf is 112KB and photoalbum.swf is 125KB and so on… So everytime I click to any button in mainpage, say I click About Me button, how I load that into my mainpage?

Help me. Thank you very much.