How to Convert DVD and Video to Any Video Format You Want Freely

Convert DVD and video is really easy for most of people now. You just need a DVD converter and a video converter. Use dvd converter to convert your DVD and use video converter to convert video. Do you want only one converter that can help you to convert both DVD and video in one interface with few clicks and high output quality. Today I will introduce you a Total Media Converter that convert both DVD and video.

You need to download and install it first before you can use it.

Step 1: Load DVD/Video
Click “Add File” to load Videos from your computer
Click “Load DVD” to load your DVD from your DVD Drive

Step 2: Choose Output Info
a. Convert video:
Choose output profile first in the drop-down list and then click “settings” button to adjust the specific settings, such as “resolution”, “encoder”, “bit rate”, “frame rate” and some audio settings such as “audio encoder”, “sample rate” and so on. You can save your profile and settings and give it a name, so you can use it next time easily.

b. Convert DVD
Choose output profile first and then you need to choose your output audio track and subtitle, if you do not want them you can leave them blank. Also like convert video you can adjust the specific output settings, such as “resolution”, “bit rate” and so on.
Save the profile and settings for next use is also available.

Step 3: Conversion
Click “Convert” button to start your conversion. You will get your output video soon.

**Tips: **

1. Adjust the output effect
You are allowed to adjust the “Brightness”, “Contrast” and “Saturation” of the output video. “Deinterlacing” is also available to improve the quality of the output video. You can choose “apply to all” to save your time.

2. Pick up a part to convert
If you do not want to convert the whole video or DVD you can just pick up the part that you want to convert using “Trim” function.
You can do it in 3 ways:
a: Enter the start time in the Start Time box and click OK, then enter the end time in the Set End Time box and click OK.
b: Drag the scissors bars under the preview window when you want to trim, then the time will be shown in the Start Time box and End Time box for your reference.
c: While playing video, click “Trim From” button where you want to begin your trimming and click “Trim To” button where you want to stop your trimming.

3. Crop the output video
This powerful video converter allows you to crop the video play area. You can choose a certain play area to convert, and do snapshot.
You can crop your output video in 2 ways:
a: Crop by adjusting the crop frame
The crop frame is the yellow line around the movie video. There are eight small adjustment boxes on the crop frame. Each adjustment box allows you to crop the movie video from a different position. To crop your movie video, you can just move your mouse cursor to an adjustment box and drag the crop frame.
b: Crop by setting the crop values
There are four crop values on the buttom of the window: Left, Top, Right, Bottom. You can set each value to crop your movie video, and the crop frame will move accordingly.

You can also set the output aspect ratio from the Zoom Mode according to your need. There are four choices available: Keep Original, Full Screen, 16:9 and 4:3.

4. Add watermark to the output video
You can add text and picture watermark to your output video easily with Aiseesoft Total Media Converter.
Check the “Enable Watermark” box and choose “Text” or “Picture” as you want.
You can drag the watermark to find the place you want to put and also you can adjust the Font info of the words you from “T” button.