How to convert DVD/Video/Mod/Tod to MP4/WMV/MPEG/MKV/AVI/FLV……


This guide is aimed to help you enjoy videos more easily. No matter the videos are on your DVDs, camcorders, or cellphones, with Aiseesoft **DVD Converter** Suite and [url=]Aiseesoft Mod Video Converter, you can enjoy them at anytime and anywhere.

The following details will show you how to do this:
Part 1.How to convert DVD or video to MP4/ WMV/MPEG/MKV/AVI/FLV……

Preparation: Download and install Aiseesoft DVD Converter Suite
Aiseesoft DVD Converter Suite is the perfect combination of Aiseesoft DVD Ripper, [url=]** Aiseesoft Total Video Converter** and [url=]** Aiseesoft iPod to Computer Transfer**.

With Aiseesoft DVD converter suite, you can rip your DVD and also edit the videos.

**Step 1: **Select and Run “Aiseesoft DVD Ripper” and then click “Load DVD” button to load your DVD.
This professional DVD Ripper can load three DVD source, you can load your DVD from DVD drive, DVD folder in your PC and also IFO file.
**Step 2:**Select the output video format you want from the “Profile” drop-down list.
Aiseesoft DVD Ripper can rip your DVD to almost any video formats such as MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, etc.
**Step 3:**Click the “Start” button to start your conversion and In a short while it will be finished.

If you want to edit the videos, the functons such as “Capture your favorite picture”, “Crop video”, “Video Effecting”,“Trim video”,“Merge videos into one file” are also available and very easy to use.

With Aiseesoft DVD converter suite, you can also convert the video to the formats you want.

**Step 1: **Select and run “Aiseesoft Total Video Converter” and then click “Add File” button to add your video.
**Step 2. **Output format and Settings
From the “Profile” drop-down list you can find one format that meets your requirement.
To have your own video settings you can click “settings” button.
After doing the 2 steps above, you can click “start” button to start conversion.

1. Snapshot and merge into one file
If you like the current image of the video you can use the “Snapshot” option. Just click the “Snapshot” button the image will be saved and you can click the “Open” button next to “Snapshot” button to open your picture.
If you want to make several files output as one you can choose “Merge into one file”.
2. Trim
There are 2 ways that you can trim your video.
a. You can drag the buttons(1) to set the start and end time
b. You can preview the video first and when you want to start trim click the left one of the pair buttons(2) when you want to end click the right one.

3. Crop
There are 3 ways that you can crop your video.
a. We provide 7 modes on our “Crop Mode”(1)
b. You can set your own mode on the right side of the pop-up window(2)
c. You can drag frame to set your own crop mode(3)

Apart from these, Aiseesoft DVD converter suite can allow you to transfer the files on ipod to compuer.Want to know more information about this,please go to ** Aiseesoft iPod to Computer Transfer**.

Part 2. How to convert Mod/Tod videos to MP4/WMV/MPEG/MKV/AVI/FLV……

**Preparation:**install and run Aiseesoft Mod Video Converter

Step 1: Add files
Click “Add Files”button to add your video files.
Step 2: Set output video format
Click “Profile” button from the drop-down list to select the output video format such as AVI, MPG, MPEG and WMV. You can click the “Settings” button to set parameters of your output video such as Frame Rate, Bitrate to get the best video quality as you want.

Step 3: Start the conversion
Click the “Start” button to start the conversion.
The conversion will be finished with fast speed and perfect image/sound quality.

**Tips: **
1: Split your Mod/Tod video
The “Trim” function also servers as a video splitter. You can set the “Start Time” and “End Time” to set the time of the clip or you can directly drag the slide bar to the accurate position. After cutting your Mod/Tod videos into small clips you can upload them to YouTube, Myspace and so on to share your video with people of the world.

2: Crop your Mod/Tod video size
By using the “Crop” function you can crop the black edge of your video and you can also drag the line around the video image to adjust your video to your mobile devices. With it you can enjoy and share your DV with other people anytime and anywhere.

3: Join your Mod/Tod videos
If you want to merge several Mod/Tod videos into one file you can choose them and click the “Merge into one file” to do it.
4: Save your favorite picture
If you like the current image of the video you can use the “Snapshot” option. Just click the “Snapshot” button the image will be saved and you can click the “Open” button next to “Snapshot” button to open your picture.

Now enjoy the videos as your will.

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