How to create crisp graphics in websites...?

im having problem with my images when i import it to flashMX. I use photoshop for editing my images. Everytime i use any image from photoshop to whatever im working on flashMX, the image gets a bit blurry. What am i doing wrong? How do you achive the crisp effect on images in a flash site?

:luigi: You didn’t mention that the image seems distorted when it exports to flash or when you directly import to flash 'cause some settings in the flash depends ont he output quality of the image.

If the problem comes on the former state pls check

  1. click on file menu in flash
  2. slect publish settigns the tab “flash”
  3. check the JPG quality level. The more you improve the quality the file size will drastically increase.

I don’t think that any other problems behind this. Hope this will work out.

If the problem comes on the latter section you’ve already made some mistake when you manipulate image in photoshop. Try to optimise the settings in a proper way in photoshop and import to flash. :rabbit:

Pls note these things also. Probably u check the flash by press Ctrl+Enter. Right click on the output screen and make sure that 100% is ticked or not. If not click on the 100% to assure that problem is not by the result of zooming… :bandit:

Ooops!! sorry, i forgot to mention what was wrong with the image. Anyway thanks for the help!!! :smiley: