How to create preloader for images

Hi all

would someone beable to direct me in the right direction as to how to go about adding preloaders for images on a rotatong menu.

I am not after any kind of complex animation loader, just simple text that says ‘Image Loading’

So I guess to simplify it, it could just be a peace of text that disappears when the image loads in…am I making any sense??

I have a few thoughts which are;

1.create moveclip with the words ‘loading Images’ some how load this in the background of main holder that loads images in so that when image loads it loads over the text ‘Image loading’ technically not a loader just text in the background.

2.create moveclip with the words ‘loading Images’ that when image loads in the text is replaced by image that loaded in??

this is how I load my images in;

var holder:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

so, I created a movie clip exported as ‘preloader’ and loaded it like this

var preloader:Preloader = new Preloader();  

i can post main script file if that would help??