How to create such an effect (spiral or smth like this :x)?

Hi guys!

My first post on the forums :slight_smile: I’m beginner in flash animation, so I will need a little bit help with an animation I wanted to do.

Well I like this one ALOT:

Object in red rectangle.

After making it I’d like to use it as flash anim, gif and so on :slight_smile:

Could you provide me with a link of tutorial for something like this or similar?

I’m pretty sure someone, somewhere asked for it, because it seems like it’s a nice effect and also should be pretty easy for flash pros :slight_smile: Not for me yet, unfortunately.

Firstly I’d do it in normal orientation - 2D (without skew or anything) and then rotate the way I want :slight_smile: Is it possible?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Łukasz Marek.