How to detect

HI everyone,\rI have made a form and wann to check valid data i.e if alpanumeric value is req. user cannot enter numeric value and vice versa. I found no inbuilt fn. in flash which could detect whther the entered value is string or numeric.Now how should i check this …pls. help

I’ve seen some php scripts that will do that… and no doubt they can be rewriten in a/s. I have heard that a/s is not really good at checking things like this though.\r\rThe form, where is it sending the data to? a mysql db, or a txt file, or what?

Thankx for replying, the form is sending data to a php script but the thing is i wanted to check it here itself in flash otherwise the server side transaction for such small validations may take unwanted timegap. Pls. could u tell me the php scripts which do the same?

isNaN(n);\r\rreturns true if n is not a number, false if it is.

Thanks for repling hope it works.