How to determine rotation of object to stage?


How can I get the X, Y, and rotation values, relative to the stage of a child of unknown number of parents?

What I am doing is:
I have a ‘stick’ object, that creates a child ‘stick’, that creates a child ‘stick’, etc a random number of times.

The end stick then creates a leaf.

Each new stick rotates a little bit randomly.

As a result when my leaf falls off the final stick it flies off in a strange direction.

How can I get the leaf to fall down (eg y++ relative to stage)?

Alternatively I thought I could dispatch an event that has a leaf created at the stage level but then I really need to know what the X and Y co-ordinates of my final stick is realtive to the stage.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

Even advice on what terms I should be searching for would be helpful at this stage!