How to develop panels for new Photoshop?

Hello guys! Just moved to new kirupa, still remember when it was a big Flash forum…

So I was a Flash developer making Flash panels for Adobe Photoshop and since the technology has died I wonder how do you create complicated panels like this (a fully functional photoshop color wheel panel BTW) and this (just an example, a font manager) without Flash?

(I followed those guys when they were flash developers, now they use some kind of ununderstandable technology I don’t understand and they never answer).


Hey cobrab,

Any idea what the newer technology is called? I could look into it, but I don’t know what Adobe is using these days for its plugin system.

You can use HTML. Here’s an example:

In fact, PS is moving towards a fully HTML/web technolgy-based UI.

They’re calling it “ps for designers” but I could imagine the whole UI going that way at some point.

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I made a panel in photoshop CC in eclipse. Two years ago? The jsx I made in Extendscript Toolkit.

I believe there was a plugin for eclipse when you made CC panels? It was kind of awkvard, I think it was this extension?

The first thing you should do now is a PSD-panel, containing nothing but (for those poor people working and slaving in psd and and not allowed to surf the internet :D)