How to display a result of parsing xml?

I’m trying to parse some data from a XML file.

Now, I want to display the result in a main class NOT in the _onLoadXML function. For some reason I can’t see the result of xmlData, no data outside of _onLoadXML function.

How can I do that?

package manageXML {


public class LoadXML extends EventDispatcher {
    private var loader:URLLoader;
    private var xmlData:XML;
    public function LoadXML(filename:String):void {
        this.loader = new URLLoader();
        this.loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, _onLoadXML);
        this.loader.load(new URLRequest(filename));
        trace(getxmlData()); // it returns obviously NULL
    private function _onLoadXML(evt:Event):void {
        try {
            this.xmlData = XML(URLLoader(; 
            trace(this.xmlData);    // it works fine here but NOT from the OUTSIDE
            dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.COMPLETE));
        } catch (error:Error) {
            trace("Can't load" + error.message);
    public function getxmlData():XML {
        return this.xmlData;