How to do those bg's?

I’m curious to know if those bg’s seen at and on many SOTW here are done in photoshop?

If not how?



I dont understand these answers. First what is a pade to display mean>>???

and why is not Kirupa the site I’m looking for. ???

So many sites featured on here have those flowery kinda backgrounds.

Perhaps people shouldnt answer if they nothing to contribute.

chill dude, i think flash swimmer was saying theres no page to display , i think, lol … :stuck_out_tongue:

… kirupa can be the place you are looking for, if you help us out and explain a bit more on what effect you want to achieve and maybe some example of what exactly it is, provided links would be great… im sure people would be glad to help you…

…soulty… :smirk:

maybe he means the BG patterns at Kaliber10000?
well if that’s the case then Photoshop has a pattern maker in the filters I think.
You can also define the pattern by creating your design pixel by pixel at about 800% and when you have something ready, probably a 20x20 pixel square, you use the rectangular marque selection and select a piece of that thing you just did and go Under Edit>define Pattern.
For use in a web page just tile the little image in the body tag.
something like <body background="/img.gif"> or whatever.

is this what you’re looking for or am I pissing far from the bowl?
:h: What the hell was that I just said?

Ades Design has a tut on how to make images tile seamlessly.
if you want to tile on a site then use the Body tag thingie.

thanks fillipo!!

I’ve been looking around at this…I suspect I might be able to use Fireworks
to create a tile then just use it as a background in dreamweaver.

Maybe i don’t neccesarily havta get photoshop.

*Originally posted by DeclineD *
**I don’t think this is the site you’re looking for, but has some nifty flash effects… **

i think what he was meaning is that he doesn’t think that is the site you were looking for… nothing to do with kirupa :slight_smile:

it’s all good

huh?! Whatever xmas cheer these guys r on I want some.

as your sig says it would be great if we could have some clarity on what the H3ll everyone is talkng about!.. lol

explain yourselves people.! :stuck_out_tongue: