How to edit button actionscript so it it can be put on to a movieclip button

I was using a tutorial from Kirupa (I’m a real beginner by the way) - Complex Button Rollover/Rollout effects
and I would like to change the last part of the action script

this.onRelease 								= 								function(){ 								 								getURL("","_blank");								}

with this button action

on (release) {
    if(_root.currMovie != "collectionsb"){
      _root.currMovie = "collectionsb";
      if (containerone_mc._currentframe >= containerone_mc.midframe) {

so that on release of the movieclip button an external file

will open into a container

I realise this is probably a very simple problem but I don’t know how to change the code Thanks in advance
I have attached an example if it helps