How to escape the bounds of initial stage size

Hey all, new guy here!

I’m having problem wrapping my head around this one. First, the advertisement which exhibits the functionality i’m looking for :

The ads are at the top and displayed randomly. Just refresh the page until the ‘Nolitours’ add come up with the 3 drinks. Choose one (or two) and eventually the movie slides down and seemingly escapes the bounds of the original advertisement. That’s what i’m looking to do.

I’ve tried it using loadMovie into an empty movieclip as well as loadMovieNum into levels. In each case, the the external movieclips play, but the edges are truncated because the initial stage size is smaller than the loaded clips. How do I escape this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just tried clicking on the drinks to see what happens, nothing. Can you post a screenshot?

Do a search on this site for “transparent movie”

You should find plenty of advice about this technique.

I’m just packing it in for the day, i’ll post a screenie when I get home!

Alrighty, i’ve looked into the ‘transparent movie’ topics and I have actually used the wmode=transparent parameter on a few occasions, mostly so that tooltips display over embedded flash movies. Good stuff to know. I’m not sure if it would explain the behaviour in the above-mentionned flash advertisement. Speaking of, here are a couple screenshots to better illustrate what I described earlier.

Screenie One

Initial movie/stage dimension looks to be about 730 x 90 pixels. The user is being asked to pick a drink. After choosing one, and followed by a brief pause, screenie two presents itself

Screenie Two

Mr. Doofus slides out towards the bottom of the page. Honesty this sort of functionality tends to annoy the hell out of me, but i’m about 4 weeks into a new job at what i’ll call ‘a marketing firm’ who see this sort of advertising as fantastic. They ■■■■ near wet their pants when they saw this ad! That’s how I ended up racking my brain trying to figure out how this was done.