How To Find Pixel Width Of A Dynamically Loaded Text Box

Hey guys Im having a serious issue I gotta figure out for a flash piece. I have four text areas that are dynamically loaded in via actionscript. They rotate with a photo slideshow that happens above the text. The issue I am having is that I need to make sure the text is evenly spaced so that I can place a “|” between the text. Each of the text areas is a link, so they are all in different MCs. Im thinking I need to figure out how to compute the pixel width of the text that is loaded into that area. If I can figure that, then I would be able to place the “|” and textfields where they need to go. Heres the code Im using for positioning, right now I am computing the character count and using that but that causes inconsistentcy in the design. the p1_mc, p2_mc, p3_mc are the “|” MCs:
[/SIZE][FONT=Courier New][SIZE=2]_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.p1_mc._x = (_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.linka_mc._x)+((mynewString_a._width)*4)+20;
_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.linkb_mc._x = _root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.p1_mc._x+20;
_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.p2_mc._x = (_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.linkb_mc._x)+((mynewString_b.length)*4)+20;
_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.linkc_mc._x = _root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.p2_mc._x+20;
_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.p3_mc._x = (_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.linkc_mc._x)+((mynewString_c.length)*4)+20;
_root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.linkd_mc._x = _root.btmInfo_mc.btmContainer_mc.p3_mc._x+20;

Any help I can get would be great. Thanks[/FONT]