How to form field fade?

On macromedia’s site, the form elements have this really cool fade in effect. at the top the search form element. My attempts at this effect look very cheesy…Does anyone know how this effect was achieved? a tut or a fla will be very nice.

I think they have that text field in another mc with that fade in effect. Try that!

I tried that and mine came out kinda weak…and cumbersome…If I understand you correctly…I think it is being done with AS…but I thank u for the suggestion actually you made me think of something I am going to try somthing

If you are using MX, there is a component for this…

You can get it there.

Thank you very much…I did figure it out but this is so much easier. I appreciate your assistance

No problem, I am glad I could help :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by 3d-iva *
**Thank you very much…I did figure it out but this is so much easier. I appreciate your assistance **

Can you please tell what you figured out other than using the components?

And on the same (macromedia) site, how can i do the effect when you click any of the buttons of the left, there’s like a courtain or something going from left to right

You can do that using layer masks. I have done something similar but have that file at home. Can post it once I am back home!

I have the file at work I will post it here tomorrow…uuhhhh…been doing to much 3d stuff 2day…muuuuussst…g.g…ggeet…get…away from…evil…mmm…monitor…Hey you guy should have an area to post art 3d and and desktop stuff…

Thanks all

We do have a section for that. It is called Drawing and Design :slight_smile:

Oh!!!..I never really go there because it says for help or somethinglike that. I did not know you could use that area for a “hey check me out and look what i have done” section. I will go there more often. Too get opinion b4 I drop something.

Thanks…Oh I will post that file in a while here

Hey Beta you have the coolest footer

Yeah, the D&D section is for both asking for help and showing off your “mad skillz”. The section is great :slight_smile: Not too many people post in there though :-\

Thanks for the compliment on my footer :beam: