How to get an MC/button to load content in another MC box?

hey folks, this looks like a killer forum and i’m dying over here so here’s a question:

i have some MCs with embedded buttons for “home” “about” “contact” etc. they seem to work just fine. i also have a MC clip (main_stage) in the center of my stage into which i’m trying to load jpgs (from an external file called home_back.swf) as backgrounds by clicking on the buttons. this does not work at all and i’m about to drink a gallon of hemlock to end my frustration.

i had the MC/buttons as just ordinary buttons before…and i used:

_loadMovie(“home_back.swf”, “_root.main_stage”);
home_btn.onRelease = function() {

i have since gone to MC/buttons to get some nice animations going as it seemed simpler this way, for the buttons at least. but now the above code doesn’t work…apparently because that’s button scripting and not MC scripting.

so my question is how do i get these MC/buttons to link the external .swf jpg’s to MC content box? if there is a simpler way to do this i’m all ears.

thanks a ton folks!