How to get information from web service and return values

I have a client and server (both in .NET 2, C#) scenario, where a swf file (written with Flash CS3/ActionScript3) is to be embedded in an ascx page in the client.

The client itself can communicate with the server using web services.

  1. Is there anyway that my Flash file can call the methods in the client that retrieves information from a web service? For example in the client, there’s a method called GetNames(), which retrieves names of employees from a web service provided by the server.

  2. Is there anyway that my Flash file can return values to the client. For example in the Flash interface, a user selected the name “Alex”, can the string “Alex” be passed back to the client, which would in turn do its own processing?

It would be great if I could get some actual code samples to point me in the right direction.