How to get the Subject text & Message text on default email app from flash form?


The following code is okay to open an default email application and fill the following fields:

  1. To
  2. Cc
    [COLOR=#ff0000]3) Subject ----> It is to be retrieved from flash form dynamically (Not a static text, always “Feedback”[/COLOR]

I need the following as well. Which is not in the code:

[COLOR=#0000ff]4) Message -----> How can I get the text from which the user typed in “Message” box on flash form to my email message area?[/COLOR]

//1.Button event listener
SendMail.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, SendEMail);

//2.The SendMail function open up email application to send email.
function SendEMail(event:MouseEvent):void {
var email:URLRequest = new URLRequest("mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=Feedback");
navigateToURL(email, “_blank”);

Any help would be appreciated in this regard.