How to hide a movie clip

hallo everyone… i’m a bit new in flash…\r\rmy problem is …\ri’ve a scene, i put there 4 movie clips, which representing the links (i use telltarget)… i don’T know how to hide the movie, after it loads… or when user click on another links, that produce another movieclip…\rget it ? i also dunno how to tell it… :slight_smile: \rwhen i click one of it… a movieclip showed up, and when next i click another one, the first won’t dissapeared, so its stacked up… and it goes again and again… when i click all of it, all of it stacked up… could anyone help me and tell me how to solve it? i think it’S just problem with the actionscript, which i don’t have any idea about it…\r\rneed repliess !!!\r

Um, ive done somehitng liek this a while back. I loaded a swf into a movie, ten had to get rid of it. To get rid of i, i gave the movie clip a name (right click it, panels, instance) then give it a name there. \r\rThen in ur script, where u want to get rid of it, try this - nameOfClip.unloadMovie();\r\rOr for a simple hack, just change its alpha :wink: .

see my reply in the flash 5.0 forum.