How to hyperlink target image in Set Image gallery?

I am using GoLive.

I have a series of thumbnail images that enlarge on the same page on rollover. How do I give each enlarged image its own hyperlink?

In the head is:

CSAct[/CMP/ ‘c38dc8ed62’] = new Array(CSSetImageURL,/CMP/ ‘credit’,/URL/ ‘…/…/pagelements/dfphoto.jpg’);

So then in the body “dfphoto.jpg” is linked to

td class=“dsR136 dsR175”><a href=“” target="_blank"><img src="…/…/pagelements/dfphoto.jpg" alt="" name=“credit” width=“13” height=“139” border=“0” /></a></td>

That works, but then how do I assign different links to the other images when they are opened in the “credit” spot?

I have a feeling this is a common question, and have tried searches, but probably not using the right terms…