How to incapsulate an as2 swf inside as3

Wondering if anyone can help,

currently I’m working on an AS3 project and am trying to incorperate an as2 based swf into it.

Normally with all as3 based swfs I could simply use the loader and load in the swf. But with the as2 file it’s giving me the following error.

ArgumentError: Error #2180: It is illegal to move AVM1 content (AS1 or AS2) to a different part of the displayList when it has been loaded into AVM2 (AS3) content.
    at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChild()
    at guestbook_fla::MainTimeline/loadGame()
    at com.twiggyandmanhim::ContentLoader/loadComplete()

Tried googling but it gave me stuff like bridges which I don’t need since the as2 file is fully independant.

Thanks in advance.