How to insert a single external image?

Hi everyone!
Yet another question about MX2004,

Is it possible to insert a “dynamic” image or picture?
By dynamic i mean a STATUS icon like those for Yahoo! Messenger that let users know if I’m online and ready to chat.

To know my Yahoo! status i need to insert this in an HTML page:
<img border=0 src=“”>
That will display a GIF depending on my stats (Offline or Online) like

How could I add that string of code to a flash file?


EXTRA information:
What I want to do is to tell my users (surfing my site) that “I’m Online” or “Offline” (avaiable or unavailable) to be contacted by Yahoo! Messenger. In HTML website I just need to add that string of code where i want the GIF to appear. How can I insert that code in my Flash site?
(sorry if the idea wasnt clear)