How to keep button down state active

Hi all

I’m a newbie to flash, however I’ve been able to create a navigation bar using flash buttons I have two different images one for the up state and another for the over and down state. Now the pages I’m creating are html not full flash. In Fireworks and Dreamweaver you are able to show the down state for the particular page you’re on eg. home button highlighted on the home page, aboutus highlighted on the aboutus page… you get the picture.

How do I do this in Flash, I’ve looked everywhere, there are references that you can do this with javascript similar to the Dreamweaver, Fireworks actions, which would be great, just change the script for each page, here is the script I found however it didn’t give any other details except to place this in onload.
window.document.myFlash.SetVariable(button1, true);
however I have no idea how this is suppose to work, I changed the id of the flash to myFlash for the flash file I changed the button instance name to button1, however I think this is incorrect but don’t know how else to reference the button.

Can anyone please help, I have searched these forums and Google but haven’t found anything that would help, I might be dense and been searching for the wrong thing. But if anyone could assist I’d be much abliged.