How to link my listbox to my framelabels

I would like to place on my timeline (frame1) a listBox.
This lisbox component will be composed with songs names.
And I would like to linked my songs names (ex: “song1”, “song2”,…) to frames labels on my timeline
(“song1”label(frame2), “song2” label(frame3)).

Because on each frame label called I will charged dynamically an MP3 and a text. Tha part is working fine.

But I don’t know how to link my listbox to my framelabels.

Can you help me?

Thank’s in advance

Try this. It’s for a drop down list (combo box) which is what I think is what you meant - a drop down menu and you choose your option. If you mean the up and down scrolling list box, you can use the same code here. It’s very simple

that look simple enough.
Thank you to reply so quickly.
I think that should be just fine.

Have a nice day “Flex”.