How to link tutorials

Well - I’m back from a long absence, having just done a pile of legal examinations (legal advice for flash advice anyone?) and am working on the site again.

Loading animation done, starting animation done.

Now what I want to do is have five buttons - each of which changes a panel on the right of the screen, which will contain writing and eventually artists portfolio picutres. No doubt there are tutorials that cover this I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to which the best are and how to link them. I’m going to need to know how to make a button make a panel appear that contains script and pictures that can then be controlled by up and down arrows. This way people will not have to change screens.

The other thought I have is whether or not I should be using flash at all… there will be a three photos an artist and about 12 artists with script for each and I don’t want too many long loading delays. Maybe a flash set up linked to html pages in the window - and are there tutorials to do this?

(David - now I can finally go back and have a look at your kind action scripting tutes)