How to make a heart beat!

i have an heart-shaped mc. i’ll make it fall down like dat of the snow effect, but, i want to make the heart MC beat, u know what i mean? beat like a real heart! i know u guys get what i mean! please help me!

increase the size and width to a certain number and then bring it back. You will probably end up using something like onEnterFrame… have it check the value of the hart (size) and increase it by a certain number until it reaches desired size. Then, have it reverse… therefore, beating heart!

(don’t know if you wanted a nudge in the right direction or the answer. Please let me know)

on another note… with the hearbeat being a fast thing, you could almost get away with simply popping the size of the heart (basically using two sizes of the image… a simple tween would do).

the simple childish version

tnx montoya, dat was a big help!