How to make a navbar with mouse-follower..?


I am trying to create a simple horizontal navigation bar in Flash (for embedding in a regular HTML page). It features graphic links as triggers (5 total) and a cartoon moose head immediately above them that follows along as you move the mouse cursor along the line from end to end, passing over each link in turn. 

When you aren’t using this nav bar, the moose head will sit stationary above the link to the page you’re currently on.

So, if you are on ‘Page 3’, for example, the moose will be over the ‘Page 3’ link until you start rolling along the nav bar – then it will leave the ‘Page 3’ link and faithfully follow the cursor wherever the cursor goes…UNTIL you take the cursor totally off the nav bar. Then the moose will pop right back to the ‘Page 3’ link where it started.

It seems that the moose head should be a movie clip. That much I’ve figured out so far…

The links, of course, will be clickable hot spots taking you to other pages with similar navbars. (I am lifting the gif slices for this straight out of a normal HTML website and dropping them into Flash for further editing…so I guess the best plan is, what, invisible buttons…?)

This may be pretty elementary, but it is giving me headaches to figure it out.

Would like to do it in Flash 5, but I’ve got MX 2004 at my disposal also.

I would appreciate any general roadmap which anyone can offer, that would get me started on the correct road.