How to make a tutorial

I want to make a tutorial and i want it to appear on the kirupa tutorial section. How do i do it? How do i must create these tutorials? Which way?


You see the section in this tutorial section that gives you a template for creating tutorials?

Go into that section… And download the template… It should give you instructions on how to create the tutorial then…

Then you just post it in the other section here that has… Post your tutorials here… If kirupa likes it… And finds it useful… He’ll post it on the site… However there is no way to just “post” them onto the site without verification by Kirupa first…

GOod Luck And I can’t wait to see what you create…

Also… Make sure no-one is making tha tutorial or it’s not on there already…

Yeah, but just because you post it, doesn’t mean it will get put up on the site.

Kirupa will have to determine that, but some things that will help are…

  1. Screenshots to show what you did
  2. In depth and clear explanation of any code you used
  3. An example .swf file shown in the beginning of the tutorial
  4. Of course the whole entire tutorial has to be in depth and clear, you must write it assuming that the person reading it just started flash that day.
  5. Whatever the tutorial is on must be useful in some way.

These are just a few of the things. And yes, you must use the template supplied by Kirupa in the sticky thread, then when you are done you must supply a .zip file in the other sticky thread of User posted tutorials, either by attaching it, or by uploading it to a server and linking to it.

The .zip file must contain all files used, including the source file (.fla), all images, and of course the tutorial itself :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck :wink:

May I ask what you are planning to write a tutorial about?

I didn’t knew about the template. Great, thanks. And also, I didn’t knew you have to write assuming that the reader has yet started on flash. Ok. Thanks y’all. I won’t really tell what tutorial will i make. (-: Thanks!!!

Well you don’t <B>have</B> to write it that way, but it adds more points to getting it posted if it is written that way.

Everything that I stated were just suggestions of things that will help get your tutorials picked to be posted.

Lost summed it up nicely. The tutorials should be easy to follow with clear explanations. Also, the tutorials should be something different than what is covered on the site. A great way is to scour the Flash MX/ActionScript boards for any questions that don’t have a definite answer - those are great topics to write tutorials about. Lost wrote a great tutorial on preloaders; a topic that has the most questions attached to it hehe :slight_smile: Tutorials that are unique and provide something useful for the Flash community as a whole will usually be added.

Kirupa :goatee: