How to make graphics scroll?

I am trying to make bitmapx and jpegs scroll in my movie…i wanna add a couple of them and have them scroll down…does anyone know how i would go about doing this? i tried scroll pane, but i cant seem to get it to work…its suppose to be drag and drop, but it isnt…


convert them to movieclips.

I don’t trust those components - if you want something to work exactly how you want it to, you have to do it yourself (at least in my experience). It’s simple really: just add all your graphics in a movie clip, place an instance of the movie clip on the timeline and have it move according to the position of the scrollbar or up and down using buttons. You can add a mask to "frame the scrolling images as well.

Also, master this tutorial and you will master making your own scrollers:…orial.html

first step: make the image really really ridiculously big.
second step: view in windows imager (or whatever the hell it’s called).
use the scollers to make your image scroll

you’re just full of great advice tonight aren’t ya

I just want to chime my two cents in that the tutorial listed (the one with the fish graphic) is probably one of the most incomprehensible tutorials I’ve ever encountered. Whatever happened to a STEP BY STEP tutorial? Kirupa’s tutorials are generally this way: very basic, and lead you through the process in baby steps. I’ve looked at that fish scroll tutorial again and again, and I get lost each time.

Can you see Kirupa written anywhere on it, darkEden ? If not, it’s probably because it’s not from here. And it’s a flash 4 tutorial…

pom :evil:

He never said it was from here…he was simply comparing the style that tutorial was written with the way tutorials are generally written on kirupa’s site.