How to make people walk?

Hello to all. I am currently a newbie at Flas MX, but i get the basics(animating basic objects,tweening,colors). But one thing i can’t get so far is how to make people seem like they are walking with their legs going right, in fornt of left, then right, so that it looks real. How would I make it so that it doesn’t just look like there just sliding? NEED HELP BIG TIME!!!

I’m not sure because i don’t got flash for long.
But i think u have to make a MC of the leg and then double-click on the MC.Then u gotta make some keyframes.

(> in the first keyframe u put the start of the animation the next keyframe you move the keyframe to the other side (like a leeg :)) and repeat that untill the last keyframe is in the same position as the first.)

Then u create a smple motion tween i guess :slight_smile:

BTW: -leave some space (time) between the keyframes
-make sureu rotate (move) in the right direction (CW orCCW)

[SIZE=3]I can be wrong,so plz say that if it is wrong :)[/SIZE]

This is how to do it just follow tuturial.

Regards Barrie