How to make Radio Button labels wrap?

I have a label for a radio button that is longer than the area I have. Moving it over is not really a viable option… I was wondering how to edit the object, or use some other work-around to make the label multi-line and wrappable. I am pretty sure that it uses the “Global Skins” object FLabel, but I tried editing that in one place and my Radio button label did not wrap. As I see it, that could mean one of two things… I did not edit the FLabel object in the correct place, or else I also need to edit the Radio Button itself (perhaps it resets my changes in the FLabel object).

Can anyone help with this problem?

I really don’t know of a way to do that. I will look into it further, though…

here’s an idea (although Im sure you’ve thought of it),

don’t put a label at all (unless you need it) and place a static text box on a layer over your radio button.

It’s a hack. I know… but I wont tell anyone. No one has to know!


Oh, good to see you back. How did your project with the storage unit thingies go?

I thought about that actually. I was gonna do that if I couldn’t think of any other way.
My project has gone well lol. I am just doing a few final touches that they want. It’s more or less done tho.

well? Repost the link, Girl, so we can take a look at it! j/k

(no offense on the girl thing… just a term of endearment)

no offense taken :wink: after all i kinda am just a girl (22, but still lol).

then design your own building.

Im 33, and still a boy.