How to minimize .txt file size to use in flash?

How to minimize .txt file size to use in flash?

I have a Flash MX movie that uses external data from 70 text files.

The Files are 40 KB to 120 KB BUT The Same files as .zip weight between 3 KB and 10 KB.

Is there any way to work with .zip files or commpresed data.
My aplication will be available on the Web and CD-ROM (No php).

Thanks in advance.


No way that I know of. I could be wrong though.

There is no way ?

Flash works with compressed video, audio… but no compressed data ?

Well compressed video and audio just become smaller file sizes, not completely different files in their own. Like if you put a whole bunch of .txt files into a .zip file then Flash would have to go directly into the .zip and find the file. And the only programs I know that can open up .zip files are programs like WinZip.

As far as I know, Flash doesn’t support the ability to open up .zip files, and you can’t compress a .txt file, all it has is text, what is there to compress?