How to modify a textbox within the targetMC when using movieClipLoader

Hi, I am using a Listener attached to my movieClipLoader(MCL).

I have this code below to try to modify the text in a dynamic textbox that is within the targetMC itself… but it is not working… :frowning: can anyone help?

myListener.onLoadProgress = function(targetMC, loadedBytes, totalBytes) {
	percentLoaded = Math.round(loadedBytes/totalBytes*100);
	//this.loadingBar._width = percentLoaded*70;
	**targetMC._parent.debug.text** = "Loading : "+percentLoaded+"%";
	//debug.text += "Loaded : "+loadedBytes+" / "+totalBytes+" into "+targetMC+newline;

debug is the dynamic textbox that lies in a container movieclip that consists of the targetMC and itself…

hehe okok this is working… :slight_smile: